You Think Like An Athlete

**Men, over 50 women signed-up for the Women’s Gauntlet. We were blown away by the response. We are expecting the men’s event to be bigger so we will have to cap the registration and it will be sold out. Tomorrow night, information will be provided allowing you to sign-up for the Men’s Gauntlet to be held on October 26. You can watch from the sidelines, or you can accept the challenge I am laying before you. The next step in your development as an athlete is entering a crucible experience and then rising to meet the challenge of that experience. We were blown  away by the response of the women… it’s your turn. Don’t let this even be sold out by people from other gyms while you watch. Sign-up, train to excel, and enjoy the process. ~Justin**

Workout of the Day for Monday September 23, 2013

Front squat
3-3-3-3-3 (Approx. 80% 1RM)

In 8 Minutes get as far as you can up the ladder:
3 Power Snatch 115/75 lb
3 Wallball 20/14 lb – 10′
20 Double-Under
6 Power Snatch 115/75 lb
6 Wallball 20/14 lb – 10′
20 Double-Under
9 Power Snatch 115/75 lb
9 Wallball 20/14 lb –  10′
20 Double-Under


You Think Like An Athlete – The Sport is Life

You are an athlete and you are always in training. One way or another, training is always on your mind. Sometimes it’s in the back of your mind, but it’s always there. Even on a rest day, your viewing the rest as part of your training and a necessary step towards reaching your next level and your thinking about your next sessions in the gym.

When you wake up and assess your physical soreness, stiffness, pain, and fatigue all left over from the previous day(s) of training, you analyze your condition vs the planned work of the day.

You assess your daily schedule, noting with care the exact time of  your appointment with yourself at CrossFit Roseville. You plan your eating, snacking, and hydration accordingly. You mentally rehearse and plan your attack on the workout.  You review and plan the fight against your weaknesses. You check in on your goals assessing your progress against the self-imposed deadlines to reach them.

When you finish your warm-up you move right into your supplemental work on those damn goats, on mobility, on that fun thing, on a test,… much to work on, so little time.

Your not wasting your brain power on drama and he-said she-said bullcrap. Your free time is taken reading articles about training, watching training videos, studying anatomy and nutrition, even helping your fellow CFRV people get better too.

You are probably thinking about training, in one way or another, more than you sleep. So embrace it!

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  1. Men’s gauntlet eh?

    Maybe I’ll judge. I have tentative plans to do a Mud-run the Sunday after but it’s tempting.

    Got a 35+ Master’s?

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