Workout of the Day for Friday, November 18th 2022: For time (20 Min Cap):20 Burpee Bar Muscle-ups60 Wall Balls, 20/14 lbs40 T2B60/45 Cal Row/Bike/Ski20 Devil Press, 50/35 lbs Sweat Sessions Workout:10 Rounds (25 Min Cap):10 WallBall10 Push-Up10 KB Swing10 Arch Rock


Workout of the Day for Thursday, November 17th 2022: E10MOM x 3 Rounds:400m Run200 ft. Farmers Carry, 53/35100ft. Handstand WalkKettlebell Front Rack + Overhead Carry, 53/35 lbs, L+R 50 ft/R+L 50 ft200m Run Go every 10 mins. Sweat Sessions Workout: 30 Min EMOM, alt:• 200m Run• DB Bent Over Row• Burpee• DB Lunge• Hollow Rock• Rest


Workout of the Day for Wednesday, November 16th 2022: E2MOM for 12 Min:3 Hang Squat Cleans, start @ 70%, build each round. E4MOM x 16 Min:50 Dubz10 Deadlifts*50 Double Unders *Start at 65% 1RM deadlift and increase each round. Sweat Sessions Workout: 20 Min AMRAP:15/12 Cal Bike/Row/Ski15 DB Thruster15 Pull-Up, or Ring Row1 Min Plank


Workout of the Day for Tuesday, November 15th 2022: E3MOM x 5 Rounds:3 Push Press + 5 Push Jerks 21-15-9:Strict Handstand Push-upsBurpeesCal Bike/Row/Ski Sweat Sessions Workout: 10 Min AMRAP:12 DB Bicep Curl12 DB Lunge12 Hollow Rocks36 Banded Glute Bridges 20 Min AMRAP:5-10-15-20-25…DB Hang CleanCal Row/Bike/SkiKB SwingDips, or Push-UpsAbMat Sit-Up


Workout of the Day for Monday, November 14th 2022: Backsquat:1 x 20 20 Min EMOM, alt:• Hang Squat Snatches, choose load• Kettlebell Front Rack Lunge• Chest-to-bar Pull-ups• Rest Sweat Sessions Workout:4 Min AMRAP:200m Run15 Pull-Up, or Ring Row200m RunMax Pull-Up, or Ring Row 4 Min AMRAP:200m Run15 DB C&J200m RunMax DB C&J 4 Min AMRAP:200m Run15 WallBalls200m RunMax WallBalls 4 Min AMRAP:200m Run15 Toes-2-Bar200m …


Workout of the Day for Sunday, November 13th 2022: 4 Rounds, in Teams of 2 (25 Min Time Cap): 30 WallBall30 KB Swing30 Box Jump30 DB Push Press30 Cal Row/Bike/Ski


Workout of the Day for Saturday, November 12th 2022: 4 Sets:3 Muscle Snatch2 Snatch Balance1 Overhead Squat*Build Each Set Hang Power Snatch EMOM*Week 1 3 x 4 @ 55%3 x 3 @ 65%3 x 2 @ 70%3 x 1 @ 75% *1 Minute Rest Between Sets. Workout of the Day for 9am, Saturday, November 12th 2022: 32 Min Partner AMRAP:30/24 …


Workout of the Day for Friday, November 11th 2022: “Chad”1000 Box Step-Up


Workout of the Day for Thursday, November 10th 2022: 12 Min AMRAP:12 DB Renegade Row12 Gorilla Row12 DB Bicep Curl12 AbMat Sit-Up 3 Rounds (25 Min Cap):800m Run30 Air Squat20 HSPU Sweat Sessions Workout: 10 Min EMOM, alt:• DB Strict Press• Ring Row 10 Min EMOM, alt:• Dubz• Plank 10 Min EMOM, alt:• Double KB Sumo Deadlift• Cal Row/Bike/Ski


Workout of the Day for Wednesday, November 9th 2022: E2MOM x 10 Min:5 Deadlift @ 60%, Build Each Round 20 Min EMOM, alt:• Cal Bike/Row/Ski• Burpee• T2B• DBL KB Sumo Deadlift 53/35-lb Sweat Sessions Workout: 8 x 3 Min AMRAP:10 DB Clean & Jerk10/7 Cal Bike/Row/Ski10 Weighted Abmat Sit-UpMax Burpee in Remaing Time *1 Min Rest Between Rounds