WOD 6/18/13

Workout of the Day for Tuesday June 18, 2013

300 Double Unders
Every break = 3 burpees

Renegade Row 30/20 lbs
Kettlebell Swing 70/53 lbs

Have I not walked without an upward look
Of caution under the stars that very well
Might have missed me when they shot & fell?
It was a risk I had to take – and took.

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  1. Good to see custom WOD’s vs. dot.com WOD’s = “Constantly Varied” Let’s throw some 21-18-15-13-
    etc… or 3-6-9-12-15 schemes in there. (just my $.02 – you guys are awesome)

    I need to get over this soreness from this Sunday Rookie Rumble 2 and get back in the BOX!!!

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