What’s Your Why?

To be successful we need to know not only what our goal is, but also what is the “why” behind our goal.

It’s your “why” that will get you up in the morning, out of a cold bed, into the darkness of early day, and into the gym when its easier to stay in a warm bed and hit SNOOZE.

It’s your “why” that will keep you consistently meal prepping on a Sunday afternoon when wine and a good book, or beer and football sound more appealing.

It’s your “why” that will remind you to order the salmon (or chicken breast) and vegetables on a night out with friends when your initial desire is to order the deep dish pizza, and the pizookie.

5 Steps to a Solid “Why”

Step 1. Choose a Goal
Think: If you could accomplish any goal and know with 100% certainty you would succeed, what goal would you accomplish?

Step 2. Identify the Life Benefits of Your Goal
Why did you choose this goal? What qualities and character traits would striving after this goal help you to develop? How does this goal help you to build relationships?

Step 3. The Best Self Test
After identifying the benefits of the goal, will this goal help you to become your best self? If not, head back to step one!

Step 4. Virtuous Character Traits
Once you have a goal that you know will help you grow into your best self. Identify the top character traits that you will need to develop in order to accomplish this goal. In other words, how will this goal help you to grow your character, and what specific character traits (responsibility, dedication, compassion, humility, etc.)

Think: How will these character traits help to improve other aspects of your life?

Step 5. Relationships
How will this goal help you to further build into your current relationships? How will this goal help you to develop and nurture new relationships?

Our “Why” fuels our passion and the energy we need to put into achieving our goal.

Our “Why” shapes our behavior, and helps us to take action towards achieving our goal.

Our “Why” helps us to see any obstacles as problems to be solved, making us more resilient on the path to achieving our goal.

What is your goal that you are currently focusing on? How strong is your “Why”? Who will you become as a result of striving for this goal? If you need any help with goal setting, let me know!