What you need…

Workout of the Day for Saturday March 15, 2004

3 rounds for time of:
25 pull-ups*
25 hand release push-ups**
100 squats

*or do 5 rope climb ascents
** or do 25 dips

What you need...

Remember when you first found CrossFit. Remember when you first read the article “What is Fitness?” (If you haven’t read that article, stop what you are doing, click on the link, and read it now before doing anything else!!) When you first started looking at the CrossFit principles of training, you already had an idea about what you should be doing to get “in better shape”. And chances are, if you are like most of us, you didn’t really think that this CrossFit thing was going to work. But you decided to give it a try.

Then you started seeing yourself feel and move better than ever before. You started seeing immediate results that were measurable. Clothes started fitting better. Body fat started disappearing. Muscle started appearing. You started getting stronger, faster, and have some endurance. At one point, you may have had a revelation that before CrossFit what you thought you needed and what you thought was training wasn’t the best way to approach your fitness.

So here is the first point. What you thought you needed back then is different then what you realize you need now. It’s called learning. Now imagine if you were still doing your old program. If you thought that was still what you needed. Scary thought, right?

So here is the second point. You have to keep learning. We didn’t always know what was best back then, and we don’t always know what is best now.  You have to trust, risk, and be willing to learn. ~Justin

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