We Have 2 Weeks Left With One Hell of a Girl

Workout of Day for Tuesday March 12, 2013

Pistol Practice

Hang Squat Clean

As many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of:
10 Pull-ups
12 Box Jump Overs, 24″/20″ box or bench
15 Hand Release Push-ups


We only have 2 weeks left with Lindsay Luna. She has definitely left her mark on this place!

Here is a note from Lindsay.

4 o’clock family…

At the beginning of 2012 I moved to Oklahoma, knew nobody, didn’t have a place to live, had sold my car, was totally wrapped up in my husband’s world, and had very little that was mine. I was a regular at a chain gym, busting my ass fearlessly, trying to keep up with my bodybuilding husband. Other than being the giggly, hyper, blonde, I didn’t really have an identity. I talked a lot of s&*t about crossfit. I was uneducated and my brain was filled with rumors about how horrible people’s form are, how trainer’s don’t care as long as you can lift heavy, how everybody ends up getting hurt, blah blah, blah, crossfit is bad.  I was a “crossfit is a cult” believing type of gal… and I hadn’t even tried it to form that opinion.

Flash forward to sometime in May. Crossfit games were on TV when we were at gold’s on a Saturday, leg day. I leg pressed over 700lbs, at the time a personal best, and felt like a BOSS. But, then I looked up, and the games were on and suddenly I felt like, well… Like I didn’t even belong in the fitness community. We went home that day and I was peeled to the TV, I couldn’t even break away to shower, I knew I had to try it. I emailed around different gyms till I found the owner I felt the most comfortable with. I could go on and on for hours about why I love 405, but this isn’t about them.

I was very timid about my skill level, and knew I had a lot to work to do. So, when my husband deployed and I moved to Roseville, I contacted the gym the closest to my dad’s house. I asked which class was the smallest, because (and none of you are going to believe me) I’m painfully shy. I’m terrified being in groups of people where I don’t know anybody. I don’t know why I strayed away from the 9 o’clock class, the afternoon class might be more convenient, I may have more strength in the afternoon, I may have even been stalking Marissa and Lexi and just wanted to be as bad ass as them, and thought… “Hey, if I work out with those hotties, I might become them!”

I type this with tears in my eyes; at 4 o’clock I found my home.  I’m not from Roseville originally, so other than my pops, his girlfriend, and my monsters, I’m alone out here. And, alone = lonely.  To start off with the instructors, Jessie, I love how encouraging you are, you push me harder every day and I appreciate you, and also your random commentary, I really hope Marissa does create Jessie sound bytes! Justin, seriously, your constructive criticism keeps me going. And, when you compliment me, I feel unstoppable. It’s like you’re the brother I never knew I wanted. And, Andy, as odd as this sounds, there’s this weird need for your approval, like you’re my dad (which is weird cause you’re YOUNGER than me) and I want you to see how much stronger and better I am compared to where I was at the day before. I see how ridiculously strong you are, and I admire it, and I want to be that strong. Okay, well maybe someday I’ll accept that I’ll never be Andy strong.

Ah crap, is this turning into a how much I love Marissa-Lexi-Andy-Justin-Roman-Ramon-Jesse-Camille-Amanda-Ashley-Tyler-Tim-John-Riza-Robert-Bill-Janessa-Joey post? No, but seriously, I love Marissa the most. The point I’m trying to make is, I wasn’t alone here. For six months when I was terrified of being alone, I developed family. Family that I hope will be involved in my world forever.

I have gotten STUPID stronger, and developed so much more endurance since starting at Crossfit Roseville. I can climb a rope, I can snatch 95 pounds in a workout like it’s nothing, I can hold a handstand (okay, against a wall) for two minutes, I can flip a 488 pound tire, I can actually run a mile, I can have so much energy after a workout Justin will ask me if I want to do another, and after I’m done, I’ll smile and want more. I am stronger, faster, and ultimately a better person because of Crossfit Roseville. I am a better person because I’ve met you guys, and I only hope everybody gets as much out of their journey as I do.  During this journey crossfit became my identity. I drank the koolaid and it was oh so sweet. Or was that wine. I think that was wine.

You can’t quit me. I’ll be back to visit; I’ll drop in to the box and let you know I’m still alive. I’ll still wear CFRV shirts. And I will absolutely take visitors wherever my husband’s career sends us, so come visit Lexi!!! I love everybody that I’ve met here. And, I thank you for supporting, encouraging, and motivating me while watching me progress. If home is where the heart is, then my heart must be huge, cause I’m leaving a piece with y’all and I’m going to go find my home, with my husband, again.

Can’t make this all sappy.

Want to hear a dirty joke?

A white horse falls in the mud.

And, with that, I’m out.

X’s and O’s,


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  1. Lindsay it was great to workout with you at 4.
    I’m gonna miss you and your snorting laugh.
    Have a safe trip home

  2. Lindsay you inspire me! I look at you each week and feel the same way you did that maybe I can be bad ass like you one day. Lol! I come to 4 o’clock to see you and the other girls. You always have a smile, encouragement, and a listening ear. You help me when I need help and are always pushing yourself and others to work harder. I’m so glad to met you and you will be missed! Love ya Ashley Fajardo

  3. Lindsanity – Thanks for making me do the open and making me feel part of the box family… You are gonna be missed!!!


    1. I’m SO glad you signed up for the open! And, it’s pretty awesome watching you snatch. I’m pretty sure you can do a 250 pound one handed snatch!

  4. The box won’t be the same without you Lindsay!!! I am glad you are going home to the love of your life:) Who knows, maybe he will get stationed out here somewhere:) Keep up the AWESOME job you are doing in Crossfit!! You are an inspiration to us all:)

    1. Aw! Camille! I’m so going to miss working out side by side with you <3 Remember to turn your can'ts into CANS and your doubts into dreams and you'll be unstoppable!! <3

  5. I’ll miss seeing you at CFRV but I’m glad you get to go home. You really are an inspiration and I hope you will come visit us soon!

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