Vitamin D3

Workout of the Day for Thursday May 9, 2013

Mobility Work
15 minutes

10 rounds, On The 2 Minute:
10 Wall Ball, 20/14 pounds
10 KB Swing, 53/35 pounds
10 Burpees

If you miss a time hack, take a round off. Score is total rounds completed within the required time and weight selected.

We have a good supply of Vitamin D3 by Pure Pharma (as well as Omega 3 fish oil) available for purchase. The cost is $15. Let me know and I can charge your card on file.

Vitamin D3:  Weight Loss and Depression

Vitamin D deficiency is one of the most commonly unrecognized medical conditions. This deficiency negatively affects every cell in your body; including your fat cells. Studies have shown that people with adequate vitamin D tend to lose more weight than those with low levels.  All cells need vitamin D, including fat cells. It helps cells figure out whether to store fat or burn it. The lower your levels, the more likely your body will store fat. By fueling your body with PurePharma’s high dose D3, your body will transition out of a fat-storage state and into a fat-burning one, thus speeding up weight loss.Are you experiencing feelings of depression and/or other mood disorders? Vitamin D has long been recognized as a nutrient essential to the development and maintenance of strong bones. It also contributes to your overall health. Being deficient in vitamin D has been linked to a number of disorders including cancer, autoimmune disease, diabetes, and depression. Many recent studies have found a link between low vitamin D levels and depression. Research shows the lower the levels of vitamin D in someone’s blood, the greater their chances are of suffering from clinical depression. Vitamin D plays a role in maintaining the brain’s signaling pathways and reducing inflammation. The combination of Vitamin D deficiency and inflammation in the body and brain degrades brain cells leading to depression.

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