Upcoming Events

Workout of the day for Tuesday November 19th, 2013:

10 minute EMOM:
5 Power Clean @ 60 % of 1 Rep Max Clean

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
Row 250 meters
25 Push-ups


Thursday the 21st of November at 9:30 am we will have a group meeting up at Zuda Yoga on Eureka for a Fun Yoga Session. Facebook Message me for the event invite. -Jesse

Sunday December 8th at 4:30PM Kate Cookson Rebello has put together a CFRV Family Pool Party at the Mike Shellito Indoor Pool!

We will have the whole facility to ourselves, including a private dining/conference room, and the indoor pool has a very large inflatable obstacle course that the kids and even “big” kids have fun on (I think she is referring to Roman Amundson?). The pool party would be from 4:30-7:30pm.

We will be ordering Pizza from Mary’s Pizza Shack! The cost is $5 For an individual (So $10 for a couple but max is $20 per family!). You can RSVP by giving Money to Justin Arnest or Myself for the event.

Event Details (Here)

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