Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Workout of the day for Wednesday, Halloween!

3 Rounds of:

3min AMRAP:
• 30 Double Unders
• 30 Situps
Then, Run 400M

Trick or Treat

CrossFit can help us to better cope with and adapt to how the world changes around us. Every day we come in and practice focusing our emotions to accomplish performing task to completion as fast as possible. And while the constantly varied workouts help prepare us for unknown and unknowable physical challenges they can also help us to prepare mentally for the sudden twists and turns of fate.

This Halloween keep in mind how easy it is for our reality to suddenly change. Keep the people who have had their reality turned upside down in your thoughts and prayers. Have a Safe and Fun Halloween. And Remember, the better treats the coaches receive the better your workouts will be!

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