Tough Suprise WOD for 2012 Games Athletes

Workout of the day for Thursday 07/26/12:

Clean & Jerk 65% 3×3
Snatch Pull 100% 3×3
OH Squat 75% 3×3
FS 85% 2-2-2


The athletes at this year’s CrossFit Games were suprised with an extra day of workout 2 days earlier than expected. The first WOD was a grueling 2 hour triathalon that involved an ocean swim, a bike (half of the ride was through sand and the bike had to be carried) and a grueling run up and down a scorching course nicknamed “microwave mountain” due to the effect of the heat off of the hot rock.

This was awesome. We train for the unknown and the unknowable, we prepare ourselves for anything that life might throw at us. It is more than physical¬†preparation, it is¬†preparation for being able to maintain our mental composure through tough obstacles that we can’t expect, training for life.

Post to comments:¬†If you have done any fun Mud Run’s, Color Runs, Triathalons, Spartan Races, Hikes, Bike Rides, Iron Men, etc. send me your thoughts on the event, a photo or two, and how CrossFit has benefited your training. jesse {a}

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