Tony Blauer at CrossFit Anywhere

Workout of the day for Tuesday, 08/07/12:

Clean 90% of Last Week 1-1-1-1-1
Jerk 90% of Last Week 1-1-1-1-1

Work Capacity:
Every minute on the minute for 20 Minutes:
Odd Minutes- 15 Wall Balls (20/14)
Even Minutes- 15 Swings (53/35)



Tony Blauer will be presenting his BE YOUR OWN BODYGUARD (B.Y.O.B.) August 18, 2012 at CrossFit Anywhere in Folsom.
The skills Mr. Blauer teaches are functional and natural. Every CrossFit athlete should know them.
  • $199 individual
  • $299 family (A married couple)
  • $99 Level 1 Coach (must be actively coaching at a box)
Special Team Pricing
  • $1875 = 15 affiliate athletes (= $125 per athlete)
  • $1500 = 10 affiliate athletes (= $150 per athlete)
  • $875 = 5 affiliate athletes (= $175 per athlete)
As a community we offer so much education from general fitness, to specialized skills and nutrition, a missing component in our preparation for the ‘unknown and the unknowable’ is confrontation management and Tony is a pioneer in this realm.
It’s rare to have Coach Blauer personally teach a seminar, so don’t miss out!
To Register visit: To register visit:
Hello from Germany,
I miss the box! I get updates very often. Nice job remembering our fallen heroes on Saturday. I hope you will wear your CrossFit Roseville T-shirt and head down to San Jose to support our athletes at the Moxie Madness. Lilia and I are on a 2nd honeymoon, sabbatical, and mid-life crisis all rolled into one. I’ll be back in the fall with lots of ideas for training and making our box the best box in the region. If you want to see our pictures – click here.
Tony Blauer at CrossFit Anywhere
Regarding the Tony Blauer seminar at CrossFit Anywhere – I hope you will go to this. This is an area of your life where “an ounce of prevention” could make the difference. I have spent time and resources attending events like this and I have made my wife, sister, mother, and nieces attend specialized self-defense training seminars like this one. Having a few tools in your tool box can make all the difference. Thinking about unpleasant and violent confrontations is not fun. But in order to live the ideal CrossFit life of  having a ‘constant state of readiness’ and being ‘prepared for anything’ you need to address the areas of self-defense. Knowing how to protect yourself and deal with various situations is a method of mental and physical preparation you can not ignore.
Tony Blauer has been around the CrossFit community for some time and he is well-respected in our community as well as in many self-defense communities. Check out his videos on

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  1. Hi,

    I received a “bring a friend” coupon which would make this course only $99 (normally $199) for someone wanting to attend. If you are interested please email me at and I will send you the email coupon information you would need to register at this discounted price.


  2. Sorry, got a response to the bring a friend post, it is no longer available. Hope to see some familiar CFRV faces there though!

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