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Workout of the Day for Monday Jan 13, 2013

Back Squat

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It’s time to get our body fat tested. We do this every three months to track our progress. Sign up for your appt on the white board by the entry door. I’d like to host a nutrition discussion on Wednesday night to go over the Zone and how to use your body fat test results to develop a personal eating plan. If there is an interest we can do this Wednesday night from 7-8 PM.


Ton’s of good pictures on the CFRV Facebook group!

Throwdown Re-Caps:

“I started Crossfit almost year ago and have loved it since day one.  Training Crossfit over the past year has gotten me in to the best shape of my life and has changed many different aspects of my life.  Yesterday on Saturday January 11, 2014 I finally competed in my first team Crossfit competition, the Sac Town Throw Down.  I would have to say yesterday’s experience was a new exciting and fun experience for me.  My nerves were racing at the start of the day due to the new experience I was about to embark on.  I found yesterday’s competition experience to be very similar to what I experience everyday in our own Crossfit box only on a much bigger scale.  You have familiar faces and complete strangers cheering and motivating you to push it hard the whole way through from start to finish.  I think was a great first experience to compete in a team competition for my first experience, in that I felt more motivated to not only let myself down but I didn’t want to let my teammates down.  My teammates kept me relaxed, focused and motivated throughout the whole competition and I wouldn’t trade or change anything about it! I think the best part of competing yesterday was actually all of the team training prior to the competition in that my relationships with the friends I have made at Crossfit have grown tremendously and brought me closer to my coaches, teammates, and supporters cheering us on.  I had a list of goats to work on prior to the competition, and after competing I feel like my list has grown even longer, and has motivated me even more to continue to push myself harder and trainer harder each and every day I step foot into Crossfit Roseville.” ~Allison Hangsleben

“I Remember the 2013 Sactown Throwdown so clearly.  It was the first competition I had ever seen and the athletes were on a different level of fitness than I had ever experienced.  I also remember a friend telling me I should try it in 2014.  I laughed at the suggestion, not a “yeah right” chuckle but an actual belly laugh….that’s how funny I thought the idea was.

So I made sure to take a few minutes to really enjoy the proud moment of walking onto the Arco Arena floor as a competitor yesterday.  I would have been nervous except that I felt ready.  Ready because of Justin’s training, Jesse’s coaching, and Tim convincing me that I belonged in this competition.

I didn’t achieve everything that I wanted to, but at the same time I did things that three days ago and in some cases even 10 minutes beforehand I didn’t think were possible.  I think this and any success that any of us had was in large part due to the people who came out to judge, cheer us on, and push us not to quit.  No matter where you are if you can see familiar faces you feel at home.

I think it will take me a few days to process everything that took place yesterday and what it all means but as of today I couldn’t be more proud to be a Crossfit Roseville athlete.  I am so lucky to be able to walk into our gym and be inspired and pushed by such an awesome group of friends  every day.

You can take all of this, parts, or whatever you want and put it on the web page.  Or if you want shorter blurbs just let me know.  This is just kind of a brain dump of some of what I’m feeling this morning.” ~April


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