“This is CrossFit—Not “All the things you like fit”

Workout of the day for Wednesday September 18th, 2013:

5 Rounds:
Run 400m
21 Box Jumps 24/20″
12 Kb Swings 53/35lb

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She was walking on her hands … or trying to anyway.

“This is stupid,” she said after the ground punched her in the face. “How is this a test of anything? How is this functional?”

Her rant was directed towards the girl standing beside her, but she made sure everyone heard it.

I’m not particularly good at walking on my hands, but it doesn’t bother my to try. What do I hate as much as she hates hand-walking, I thought. Why running of course, after all, for someone that owns guns and is legally allowed to carry them, and weighs nearly 200 lb. running isn’t really functional either – shooting things is.

While we’re at it, thrusters and swimming make me feel violated, so let’s never do those again. I mean when would I ever need to move my upper and lower body in concert. Isn’t that what boats and forklifts are for?

It took all of three seconds before I realized I could make an argument against practicing everything I hated and everything I sucked at. It made me question why I should practice the things I’m bad at anyway; what do I have to gain? Why not just make my strengths really strong?

When I’m running and not exactly loving every second of it, working on just the things I’m good at becomes very appealing. But the rest of the time, when I’m motivated by something other than stress, I feel like constantly working strengths is like constantly strengthening weakness. It’s like putting your left arm in a sling because you eat, punch and sign checks with your right arm. It’s like only developing a relationship with your parents because you’re not sure if you’ll like the other six billion people the world has to offer; so why try?

Getting better at what you’re bad at is as crucial as learning where the brake pedal is in your car; without it the gas is suicide.

It’s too bad there isn’t a secret to working the things that embarrass us and make us stumble for everyone to see. It’s too bad that to get better at running I actually have to run, and to get better at walking on her hands that girl may have to fall once or twice more.

Still, if you search hard enough, there’s probably something happening that you’re not even aware of.

“You can’t actually believe that walking on your hands will come in handy, can you?,” the girl continued. With a smile, her friend turned to her and said, “who cares, your butt looks awesome when you’re upside down.”

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