The work is the reward

**This Saturday CrossFit Sac will be visiting our box! There will be sign-ups for heats on a first-come-first serve basis. Doors will open at 8:00, the WOD briefing will begin at 8:30am.**


Workout of the day for Wednesday, 02/05/13:

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:
3 Position Snatch

150 WallBall 20lb/14lb

WOD Demo with CrossFit Adrenaline – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov] Extended workout footage – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

CrossFit X-treme Athletics scales today’s WOD – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]



When you put yourself through difficult tasks you kill the old conceptions you have of who you are. You find the “pure, raw, real, creative form of yourself. You see yourself there, you see how you react to the world… And if you can take that from this place of physical movement and you can apply that to your daily life … and be that real raw person of yourself, how beautiful could this world be?”

It takes perseverance to run 100 miles. “Every step you have to make the decision to take the next step, and take the next step, and take the next step.” Every step becomes an accomplishment, every individual accomplishment is proof of your dedication to your purpose.

Post to comments: What is your purpose for doing CrossFit? What keeps you motivated to constantly take the next step?

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  1. I know I can always perform at a higher level than I currently am. I think I can say that no matter how far along I may get with CrossFit. I don’t want to ever think that I could have worked harder.

  2. I’ve been loving CrossFit because of the competive nature of the box. Timing everything makes me push myself to improve every workout. I guess looking good naked is also a nice bi-product 🙂 muscle up ya’ll!!!

  3. I am dedicated to get to the Box. However, once I am there, it’s the people that are around me pushing themselves really hard that makes me want to push harder than I think I can go. 9 times of of 10, I CAN work harder and that is proof that a little motivation never hurt anyone!

  4. I have to agree with Marissa (Ant you make a good point too!) but the people keep me coming, the constant encouragement at push motivates me like none other!

  5. Long story short, I got into CF to see if it would help me lose weight. Little did I know I was going to become a crossfit junkie. I drank the Kool Aid, lost a good amount of weight, and became hooked. It’s a Healthy addicition!!! yes, looking good naked is a big plus too. LOL!

    The community, the coaches, the athletes, the encouragement, the competitiveness, and my drive to be better than yesterday is what keeps me going. WERK!!!

    1. i have to agree, i don’t think i’ve ever met more encouraging and competitive people in my life. it’s amazing what positivity and support can accomplish. 🙂

  6. Although I am not an RX’er, I LOVE the way I feel after every workout!! I push myself everyday and have loved the results I have seen over the year:) and pushing myself everyday will eventually get me that level:)

  7. Why crossfit? I am two months in now and I can honestly say it’s fun. Different everyday, mental and physical challenge, compete with yourself and support all around you, and great great people. I read an article that in short explained crossfit being so sucessful by taking all other focuses away. In a modern world of multitasking, crossfit goes the other end of the spectrum. With a difficult WOD you only have the option to focus on your effort, not all the other stuff that life brings. “It’s a state of mind; it’s that place where you lose yourself and find yourself.” -Bodhi. Yes, anytime I can get away with a Point Break quote it’s a good day!

  8. I’ve always wanted to be a piece of iron. Moto has always been up and down. 2 months into CF and my whole way of life has changed. I’m way more careful with my diet. Always working on mobility. I finally feel like I can achieve all my fitness goals. And then make some new ones. Can’t wait to compete. Also. Bout to compete with the Wod today. I need competition in my life. A challenge. A limit to destroy. Now I have a family to get there with. Yall are my kind of scum!

  9. @Stephanie- I was there, but didn’t get my 50:( However, Justin said you can do it anytime before the end of the month. I will be trying again soon. Let’s count for each other!

  10. I CrossFit because it’s so good for me! CrossFit bleeds into every area of my life, I’m better at everything I do because I’m pushing myself mentally and physically during the WODs. In my line of work my ability to focus, stay calm and motivated is directly related to the size of my paycheck and level of job satisfaction. I never get bored, I’m seeing results, I’m learning better ways to treat myself, and I love seeing my WOD peeps! Because let’s face it, working out is hard. Working out by yourself is hard and SUCKS!

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