The Only Way to Win By: Jim Loehr

Workout of the day for Tuesday July 9th, 2013:

In 15 minutes Work up to a heavy:
Advanced: Behind the neck Power Jerk
Int/Beg: Power Jerk

*Hold receiving position in all sets for 1 full second to assess proper footwork and positioning – make adjustments and prioritize mechanics over load.

Three rounds for time of:
15 Push Press 135/95 lb
20 Toes to Bar


In his book, The Only Way to Win, Jim Loehr describes the consequences of chasing after achievement (money, possessions  titles, aka external markers of success.) and asks these powerful questions to help us evaluate our purpose:

“Who do you become as a result of the pursuit of your goals?” Who have you become as a consequence of the chase?”

Remember that the external markers we set for success are not as important as who we become as a result of striving for them. I do not have to win the CrossFit Games for CrossFit to be a worthwhile pursuit. If in the pursuit of CrossFit and constant improvement I become a better person than these are worthwhile pursuits.

“External achievement, in and of itself, will not and cannot fill the basic needs we have as human beings.”

Jim questions the values society imposes as traditional markers for success and challenges us to come up with a new “scorecard” to evaluate our purpose. Instead of looking at external goals as being our end purpose we can use these goals as tools to help us build character and improve the way we relate and connect with other people.

“The Only Perfection there is, the perfection of helping others. This is the only thing we can do that has any lasting value or meaning.” -Andre Agassi

Jim describes how this change in mindset by Andre helped him defeat his demons and come back from being 141 in the world to numer 1. But more importantly Jim details how this change in mindset brought Andre from being a despondent unhappy man to a man who saw Tennis as a gift that allowed him to fulfill his grand purpose.

I am grateful to see this change occur every day in new members. People come to CrossFit Roseville because they want to make a healthy change in their lives but never expect the greatest benefit is what happens to their character; how they begin to relate to others with a deeper connection; and a transformation in how they define purpose in their lives.

Post to comments: Take a moment to appreciate someone in the box who has helped you out. Example:

“Thank you Marissa for helping me with my form tonight! It makes a big difference!!xoxox”
-Mollie Lovelace-Ronco

And Congrats to Marissa for getting her level 1 Cert!!

CrossFit Roseville Marissa McAfee

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  1. Tim, thank you for motivating me to push through my barriers. When I think I can’t run any further, you we behind me, giving me that extra push to finish. You see the strength I never knew I had, and encourage me to lift more while maintaining form.

    And tony, how could I forget about you?!?! I see yor progress and strive to match it. We come a long way in five months. We may have a long way to go, but we will get it done.

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