The 2013 CrossFit Open

Workout of the Day for Tuesday March 5, 2013

3 rounds of unbroken sets:
15 box jumps, 24″/20″
15 Toes to bar

For time:
5 Rope Climb (15 pull-ups)
50 Double Under
4 Rope Climb (12 pull-ups)
40 Double Under
3 Rope Climb (9 pull-ups)
30 Double Under
2 Rope Climb (6 pull-ups)
20 Double Under
1 Rope Climb (3 pull-ups)
10 Double Under

3 rounds of the following for quality:
15 Goblet Squats, 53/35 pounds
15 Sit-up
15 Good mornings


On Wednesday March 6, at 5 PM or so, the first workout of the 2013 CrossFit Open will be announced. Hopefully, by now you have signed up for the Open and you are looking forward to participating in the world’s largest fitness competition.

For some of us, this is a test of how we have gotten better since the 2012 Open. For some of us, it’s the first time doing anything like this. But for all of us, it is a chance to come together in this amazing event challenging yourself, and supporting the men and women you train with regularly.

CrossFit Roseville will be working hard to earn enough points so to send a team to the Nor Cal Regionals. The top 3 men’s scores and top 3 women’s scores of each workout will count toward our team score. So we need all hands on deck!! Even if you aren’t typically an “Rx’d” athlete, we need you doing this because you never know what the workout will be, it could be that one thing you are awesome at. It’s going to be a group effort getting a team to regionals. So sign up and get ready for workout 13.1. But here is the catch, if you don’t sign up, and input a score for workout 1 and 2, then when workout 3 is announced and it is that one thing you are awesome at you won’t be able to help us because you have to submit a score for each workout for any of your scores to help the team. Even a “0” on a workout will work.

The workouts will be announced on Wed at 5 PM. You have until Sunday at 5 PM to submit a score. At this time we are planning on the Open workouts to be our gym’s wod on Saturday morning. However, your coaches will do whatever we can do to facilitate any schedule challenges you may have.

Friday will be athlete’s choice, so I am expecting some people to take Thursday as a rest day and do the workout on Friday if they can’t make it on Saturday. We can even let some people do the workout on Wednesday night or Thursday. And we are considering opening up the gym for a few hours on Sunday for repeats or first attempts. Make sure you have a coach assign a rep counter/judge for your workout, otherwise your score will not be validated.

For most of you, doing the open workout once is going to be  perfect. Some people may want to repeat the workout.

Warning: Repeating the same workout at 100% intensity and effort within  4 days increases your potential for injury. Listen to your body and train smart.

For those whose finish ranking is important to them, for those who know a repeat will better their score and want the best score possible, and for those in the top 5 or so of our gym on a specific workout (because the score may contribute to our team score for regionals) a repeat needs to be planned out and scheduled so you get adequate rest before your repeat attempt.

A potential one day Open wod schedule may look like this:
Mon – train
Tue – rest
Wed – train
Thur – train
Fri – rest
Sat – Open Workout
Sun – rest

A potential repeat schedule may look like this:
Mon – train
Tue – train
Wed – Rest
Thur – Open Workout
Friday – train
Saturday – rest
Sunday – Repeat Open Workout

Everyone’s schedules will be a little different. Especially since it is a 5 week-long competition.

Any questions?

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  1. Seriously? Have the WOD’s been geared to make me HAPPY?! I haven’t done rope climbs in a WOD, YET. But I am SO totally stoked to try! I also JUST got my very own speed rope in yesterday, hopefully it’ll give me good luck tomorrow.

    I’ll totally be there at 3 to help count for our future troops! I need to go buy a team ‘merica shirt for the occasion. <—- I probably won't actually do that.

    Looking forward to the first open WOD. My husband, bless his heart, totally thought I'd be making it to the games this year. Oh James, I'm just trying not to come in DEAD LAST!

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