Tennis Elbow? Voodoo. Nobody said mobility was easy…

Workout of the day for Tuesday, 08/14/12:

For time:
185 pound Clean & jerk, 10 reps
Sprint 100 yards
20 foot Rope climb, 7 ascents
Sprint 100 yards
185 pound Clean & jerk, 1 rep

WOD Demo with Marston Sawyers and Cara Hipskind – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]



Stepping on a friend is by far my new favorite MWOD. Many people have been using the Voodoo bands to improve joint issues. However, I have yet to play someone’s elbow like a bongo. But if you have elbow problems watch this video and if you are brave let’s Floss it out. Do you have a mobility issue? Do you go to the mobility class?


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