Teach a Friend to Squat!

In November 2014, December 2014, & January 2015 if you teach a friend / family member / co-worker to squat your friend can come to the Foundations Class for 1 month free! Your friend must use the free month as soon as possible. Foundations Class is Monday & Wednesday night at 7PM-8:15PM. See the guidelines below for video submissions.

Pass it on: if CrossFit has helped you to better interact with your physical environment, allowed you to be more proficient at your job, improved your overall quality of life, etc. pass on the opportunity to your friend / family member / co-worker!

For a legit video you must:
• Describe how to execute the movement
• Demonstrate the movement while reviewing points of performance
• Have your friend/co-worker/family member Squat
• Use coaching cues (verbal, tactile, or visual) to improve their squat

Foundations class is a fun group class that teaches the 9 foundational moves of CrossFit. The class includes a group warm-up, a skill lesson on one of the 9 foundational moves, and a Workout of the Day (WOD). This class teaches safe movement patterns to improve functional movement and prepares the athlete to join the regular group class.

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