Strength & Beauty

Schedule Change: Monday 1/21/13 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day! We will be open at 9am & 4pm.


Workout of the day for: Saturday 01/19/13:

18 min AMRAP:
400m run
• 3 thruster 95/65
• 6 burpee
• 9 box jump
400m run
• 6 thruster 95/65
• 12 burpee
• 18 box jump
400m run
• 12 thruster 95/65
• 24 burpee
• 36 box jump

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

Strength & beauty is healthy. It is the antithesis of what is newly termed “skinny fat,” that frail body type where between the skin and bones lies nothing but fat. The: no muscle, can’t press 5 pound dumbbells, kind of skinny. Skinny fat is not healthy. Strength is not only healthy but also beautiful.

Many women have a preconception that CrossFit will not help them to achieve their ideal body type. Namely that they will not get skinny and/or will become too “bulky.” Thankfully this myth is dying out. What could be more helpful than the publicity on The Biggest Loser (you know the show dedicated to helping people lose weight)?—Only the fact that the 2013 Miss America, Mallory Hagan, decided that she wanted to lose weight and to do it the right way, the way that will inspire generations of young girls in the near future. By eating right and by “Doing a lot of CrossFit” Mallory slimmed down and earned the title of Miss Brooklyn, followed by the Miss Manhattan title and Miss New York state, before finally being crowned the 2013 Miss America.

So the next time your lady friend says they do not want to do CrossFit because they do not want to get bulky, ask them if they would like to look like Miss America.

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