Some Definitions

Workout of the Day for Thursday Dec 20, 2012


As fast as possible:
50 Double unders
100 Kettle bell swings, 70/53 pounds
Every minute on the minute complete 10 Double unders until kettlebell swings are complete.

Snatch Demo with Michael Zoda – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

Some Definitions –

Health: A physiological state in which there is an absence of disease or pathology and that maintains the necessary biologic balance between the catabolic and anabolic states.

Fitness: The bodily state of being physiologically capable of handling challenges that exist above a resting threshold of activity.

Exercise: A specific activity that stimulates a positive physiological adaptation that serves to enhance fitness and health and does not undermine the later in the process of enhancing the former.


If you haven’t seen the movie “Food, Inc.”, you should.

What is your favorite ‘food’ movie?

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