Saturday Brunch Party!!

Workout of the day for Thursday, April 10th, 2014:


5 Rounds:
Side-Butt Sequence
10 meter Duck Walk
10 meter Sampson Stretch

Row 2,000 meters

Extra Credit:

3 Rounds:
20 GHD Sit-Up
20 KB Swing, Heavy

Come Saturday at 10:30am to Brunch and celebrate the end of the open along with the reveal of the intramural team winner! Bring your best brunch food, I will be happy to sample all paleo types and also ManCakes (Pancakes with bacon and sausage inserted).

Order of Events:
10:30-11:00 we will pit intramural team against intramural team for: 14.6
11-11:05: We Announce Winning Intramural Team.
11:05-Full: Eat delicious Brunch Stuffs.

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