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Workout of the day for Wednesday June 3rd, 2013:

6-6-6-6-6  (75% of 1 Rep Max)

In Teams Complete 20 min AMRAP: Row 250 Meters


Roseville CrossFit Bacon


“I got no rep’d today, and I loved it.

Why? Because halfway through our WOD I had no idea my squats weren’t hitting depth.

None. Not a clue.

I was busy just clicking off one rep at a time, up, down, up, down, not really paying attention, just waiting for my count to get to 15.

Then I hear “NO REP GET DEEPER!”

Wow. In the midst of my robotic squats I managed to start cheating myself – and if I hadn’t gotten called on it, I would have kept on cheating myself.

My robotic squats were the problem.

I wasn’t thinking about the actual movement, just going through it, trying to get it done, trying to get to the next rep, trying to get to the next round.

Then I started hearing others get no rep’d.

Pushups weren’t hitting depth or thighs were hitting the ground, pullups weren’t getting high enough, squats weren’t getting low enough.

All over the room it was like a Drill Sargent on your worst day, pissed off that such simple basic movements were at the standard they were.


Suddenly everyone became aware of their work, no longer just getting through the movements.

Suddenly we were all calling the coach over, having them check our depth, watch our plank position.

Suddenly we all slowed down just a bit.

We slowed down and we did it right.

It was no longer about maintaining a round a minute, it was about maintaining integrity.

And it should always be about maintaining integrity.

So while many might get pissed when they get no rep’d, I love it. (not at the moment but I do want to be my best)

I love it because it makes me better for next time, it makes me pay attention, it breaks me out of just doing the motions.

So yeah, no rep me all you want, fix me, make me better…”

-Bill Hansen


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