Renew Strength

Workout of the Day for Monday Nov 26, 2012

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes
1 Snatch  (85%)

Run 800 Meters
15 Power Clean, 155/105 pounds
5 Handstand Push-ups
Run 400 meters
10 Power Clean, 155/105 pounds
10 Handstand Push-ups
Run 200 meters
5 Power Clean, 155/105 pounds
15 Handstand Push-ups

I read about this book that recently came out.

Renew Strength

This is Lauren Scruggs’ story.  The book is called STILL LOLO: A spinning propeller, a horrific accident, and a family’s journey of hope

While exiting a small plane, Lauren was hit by the plane’s propeller.

Lauren lived, but lost her left hand and left eye. Since then she has been fighting her way back.

Renew Strength

Lauren truly is lucky to be alive. But how do you live after an accident like that; after a skull fracture from a plane propeller and losing a limb. It’s the same kind of spirit in soldiers who come home with life altering wounds. It’s the same spirit that drives Nick Vujicic, Kyle Maynard, and anyone who has suffered a life altering setback.

The questions are similar for anyone going through this: What kind of future will I have? Where is God in all this pain? Will anyone be able to love me now?

Stories like Lauren’s inspire us to live a life without fear—to overcome whatever challenges threaten to limit us, and to discover a new dream.

“(Lauren’s) attitude, joy, and faith are daily reminders of what I aspire to be.” —Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys quarterback

Renew Strength

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