Athletes Choice (What are your goats?) or Retest Fran!

Workout of the day for Friday 08/31/12

Athletes Choice (What are your goats?)


Thrusters 95/65 lb

Athletes Choice (What are your goats?) or Retest Fran!

Today is a retest of the first workout we did during the paleo challenge. Retesting allows us to examine how we are feeling and see our progress. Go crush Fran today to end the paleo challenge. See what you need to do to get a new PR and focus on performing task to completion as fast as possible. Post to comments: how you felt the second time around. How did nutrition, goat work, and active recovery days all affect your second performance? What did you learn on this 2 week challenge that you can take away to your daily fitness lifestyle?

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  1. My main take away from this challenge is a precut Kale Salad from whole foods that I will purchase regularly along with a precooked chicken that I can shred to put in my salad!

    This challenge was fun: Bake Sale, Paleo Potluck, 3 PRs this week! Good fitness and great community!

    How did it go for you?

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