4-Week Strict Pull-Up Specialty Course

Janet Hero Pull-Up

4 Week Program designed to provide the skills and drills working towards your first strict pull-up, or to work on improving your strict pull-ups.

This course will start at the beginner’s level and meet each athlete where s/he is at. Progressions and scaled exercises will help athletes to correctly and safely develop their pull-up abilities.

Get your first strict pull-up to progress your upper body strength and gymnastics abilities, and build muscle. Building your strict pulling ability will get you on the next step working towards Kipping pull-ups, Chest-2-Bar, Muscle-Ups, Legless rope climbs, and more!

This Specialty Program will include:
• 3-day/week video class to take you through the daily skills/drills (1/2 hour per class).
• Private Facebook Group to ask questions, & get support from the other athletes
• 1-on-1 assistance from a personal Coach!

The next course starts Monday, August 7th, and runs for four weeks. The videos will post Monday/Wednesday/Friday, you can follow the pull-up videos and perform the assigned work on any of the days.

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