Prioritize Your Warm-Up : Prioritize Your Health & Performance

Workout of the day for Thursday, February 6th, 2014:

For time:
Row 500 meters or Run 400 meters
50 toes-2-bar
Row 1,000 meters or Run 800 meters
30 toes-2-bar
Row 2,000 meters or Run 1600 meters
20 toes-2-bar

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At our playground for adults, aka “CrossFit Roseville” we have instituted a new warm-up for you to start on when you get to the playground every day. This warm-up prioritizes: warming-up your body, getting your heart rate going, and joint mobility so that your body is ready to perform real work. If you can get through the first half of the warm-up and you have excellent mobility your body will be ready for whatever comes next (Also this takes about 5 minutes).

However, most of us have disfunction in some way or another. For example: tight hips, tight thoracic spine, tight hamstrings & lower back, inability to hit full range of motion on some movements, lack of scapular stability, lack of ability to move pelvis independent of the spine, etc. to name a few. The second part of our warm-up works to combat some of these problems, specifically mobility and stability issues. (The second part of our warm-up takes about another 5 minutes).

And finally the warm-up ends with extra time spent on foam rolling and your own unique mobility/stability issues. Start with the 3 Primary SMR exercises: Quads roll, Adductors roll, Lats roll (from This website along with is a well of never ending knowledge with the specific goal for teaching you how to be healthy and perform optimally! (Recommended that you spend 5 minutes on one or two mobility issues every day).

It is expected that for you to prioritize your health you need to get to class 5-10 minutes before the hour to make time to prioritize not just your warm-up but also your mobility and specific issues you have that keep you in a state of disfunction. What a difference 10 minutes a day can make if you pick one or two issues to prioritize! Coaches are available to help you hunt down and smash your mobility/stability issues, but you need to be an advocate for yourself by getting to class early, doing work, and asking questions. If you are working hard you can do so while socializing, but if you find you and your partners in crime continually “stretch” for 20 minutes while talking, make a point to save socializing for after the class, after the work is done.

Finally, don’t let your warm-up get in the way of being friendly and introducing yourself to new members! Our playground might just look pretty daunting to the new kid on the block. Even a simple introduction or taking time to go over the joint mobility sequence with a new member can make all the difference in their fitness journey!

If you do not have time for mobility issues before class make sure to stick around after to get it done, and/or establish a practice of at-home mobility work. As always, feel free to contact me any time for questions/concerns.


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