President’s Day 2014

Workout of the Day for Monday Feb 17, 2014

Washington’s Birthday, President’s Day, and the

82nd Anniversary of the Purple Heart
“Purple Heart WOD for Heroes”
With a partner:
82 Pull-ups
Partner 800m run
82 Push-ups
200 m Partner fireman’s carry
82 Box jumps/Step-ups
Partner 800m run
82 Wall balls
200 m Partner fireman’s carry
82 Burpee’s

One athlete working at a time except on runs.


On the 82nd anniversary of the Purple Heart Medal for combat injuries, We wanted to do a workout in remembrance of those who have been wounded in combat defending America’s Freedom.

Military Veterans will be honored before the workout, and everyone will have a chance to write down the name of a Purple Heart Recipient to honor.presidents-day

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