Playground for Adults

Workout of the day for Saturday June 15th, 2013

In Teams of 4 Complete:
45 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20 inches
800 M. WallBall Run 20/14 pounds
35 Sandbag Squat Clean Thrusters
1 K Row

One team member per station, rotate only when each team member at each station is finished.

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I often hear of the Box being referred to as a “Playground for Adults.” This term is fitting for numerous reasons—we come to the box to take a breather from our analytical selves and to be in the moment, to enjoy movement, and to build relationships.

In this video Stuart Brown makes a case for Play, insisting that life without play is depression; that, Play is not just rehearsal for adult activity rather Play is as vital to our health as sleep and dreams.

Come play with Boxes and Sandbags and Rowers and MedBalls—Oh my! Enjoy your time under the sun and Wod-ing with friends.


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  1. LEGIT WOD Coaches!!! Love WOD’s that are not “”… those are cool too,,, however is good to design WOD’s outside the BOX!!! Like the “sMedium” WOD!!! Haha!!! Keep doin’ what ya do… You guys are awesome!!!

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