Olympic Pictures

Workout of the day for Thursday 09/06/12:

Wendler Back Squat: warmup-5-5-5 (75%, 80%, 85% of 1RM)

Fifteen rounds of:
Power snatch followed immediately by five overhead squats.

Start light and add weight.

WOD Demo with Sarah Hopping – video [wmv] [mov[HD mov]

4xMax set Toes-2-bar or 4×30 Leg raises

Unfortunately, I did not get to watch any Olympics this year. But I did find these photos inspiring. I have added an appropriate CrossFit caption. ~Justin

“Flutter Kicks!”

Olympic Pictures

“This is full extension of the hips.”

Olympic Pictures“Hollow Rock body position.”

Olympic Pictures

“OMG! I just PR’d on Fran!!”

“Oh………, girlfriend!”Olympic Pictures

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