Nutrition: The Art of the Grind

The following post was written by Coach Jessie Ingram to help you get through the grind!

Sara came in for nutrition coaching with goals to lose weight and build muscle. From 1-10 on how motivated she was to accomplish her nutrition goals, she was a 10!! Even with working full time, being married with 2 kids, she makes time to workout 4 days/wk. Sara states “my life is busy!”

In the first 2 months of doing nutrition coaching, Sara dropped 3 % BF, was consistently meal prepping, eating meals at home, measuring her portions, avoiding alcohol and was logging in MFP everyday!! She was feeling great about her progress!

Then over the next 2 months, Sara’s progress had stalled.

She has been thrilled about her new found energy, her deadlift PR and the healthier food choices she is making overall. But she hasn’t seen any changes in her clothes or continued fat loss.

She admits to sneaking bites of her kid’s snacks and eating out more on weekends. She hasn’t been logging as consistently in MFP as when she first started. Her actions started not to line up with her goals.

Sara is like many people when they start the process of making changes to their old, undesirable habits. In her case, her nutrition habits. She started off very motivated, determined, and focused.

Overtime though, the “Grind” set in. Real life happened and the desire to go back to old habits prevailed.

The Grind is a tough spot. It’s after the “honeymoon” phase has worn off. It’s where the real work begins. When you enter The Grind you realize: Now you have to do these things over and over and over again. Ho hum.

“After enlightenment, the laundry.” — Zen saying

The Grind is good.

It’s not the sexiest stage of change, but The Grind is good. The Grind gives us time to think. Time to evaluate. Time to practice.

In The Grind, we don’t have to think about how we’re going to do things. We know by now how to pack those containers with our protein and veggies, how to cook broccoli, how to make it to the gym.

That frees up some space in our brains to think about the WHY.�

So while it might seem like The Grind is a time of boredom or struggle, it’s actually a time of INCUBATION, PRACTICE, and MASTERY.� You have time to reflect on who you’ve become, and what you really want right now.

To continue to be successful during the grind phase you must:

• Do more of what you know works for you (meal prep, log in MFP, avoid alcohol or eating out, etc).

• Remember WHY you got started in the first place. Your WHY is your single strongest motivator (even if it changes throughout life).

* Continue working on positive self talk, good sleep, and consistent work outs, drinking water.

• Give yourself grace. Understand that you don’t have to be perfect 100% of the time, but that 50% won’t get you to your desired outcome either.

The Grind happens to us all. It’s what we do about it that determines our outcome!!

-Jesse Ingram
Nutrition Coach
CrossFit Roseville

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