Nutrition Coaching ~ Making Change Happen

Change Anything!

By understanding what influences our behavior we can make changes to our behavior that better allow us to reach our goals.

Don’t fall into the Willpower Trap: The faulty assumption that if you are failing it’s because you don’t care enough or you’re not fully committed—you don’t have enough willpower!

When we learn to engage the 6 Sources of influence, increase our agency, and analyze & adjust the plan—we can come to know that if we work at it, we can change anything.

The Willpower Solution (Click to play video)

Use skillpower over willpower

Agency: The capacity to control our own behavior

When we customize our plan so that it applies to us as individuals: our goals, our strengths, our weaknesses, and our environment we increase our agency.

Steps to change:
Identify your most crucial moments when you are most tempted to not follow your plan and engage in disadvantageous behavior.

Create Vital Behaviors for overcoming these crucial moments. Engage the 6 Sources of influence to help you win during these times that are easiest to give in.

Take Back Control
“I can only control my behavior when I control the things that are controlling me.”

Analyze & Adjust
Know that you will experience setbacks and you will momentarily relapse to old behaviors—plan to be resilient. You can use any setback as data to analyze and adjust the plan so you can be more successful going forward.

When you turn bad behavior into a stepping stone you increase your agency and continue moving toward your goals!

6 Sources of Influence:
1: Personal Motivation
2: Personal Ability
3: Peer Pressure
4: Social Ability
5: Incentives & Rewards
6: Environment