Nutrition Challenge Updates

Workout of the day for Wednesday, April 30th, 2014:

2014 Spring Nutrition Challenge Testing WOD:

5 minute AMRAP:
12 Alt. Front Rack Lunge 75/55lb
20 Second plank

Rest 3 minutes

5 minute AMRAP:
Run 260 meters
30 Ground to Overhead 75/55lb

Rest 3 minutes

5 minute AMRAP:
Squat @ 70/50% Bodyweight


Check the Word Document below for 2014 Nutrition Challenge Rules. Next Body Fat test is set for July 17th, the following retest of todays workout will mark the end of the challenge. If you do not have an accountability partner yet let me know and I will pair you up with someone. Let Justin know if you missed his zone talk and we will schedule one at a different time that people who could not attend the night talk can make. Max Hollow Body Hold at the end of the challenge must be performed with a coach checking your form for the entire hold. Remember it can be wise to program cheat days in, acceptable cheats for family events, etc. We are working towards building healthy habits that we can sustain for the rest of our lives, not working towards building eating disorders. If you are doing zone you don’t have to geek out on this stuff, you just have to learn how to be a good estimator.


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