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**We will not know final standings in the 2014 CrossFit Open until Tuesday. As soon as we know how everyone finished up – we will report right away. Following the open will be invitations for athlete’s to regionals and 4 more workouts for Masters Athletes. Remember, the open is just the beginning of the CrossFit Games Season! We will have an “Open is Over Party” in one month and one final challenge for the intramural teams until then (to be announced).** 

Workout of the Day for Monday March 31, 2014

5 Sets of Max Consecutive Muscle Ups
Muscle Up Technique Work & Strength Progressions

Workout of the day (Wod)
10-1 Clean & Jerk + 1 Round of Cindy In-between Rounds (15 minute time cap):
10 Clean & Jerk 155/105lb
1 Round of Cindy (5 Pull-Up, 10 Push-Up, 15 Air Squat)
9 Clean & Jerk 155/105/
1 Round of Cindy
8 Clean & Jerk 155/105/
1 Round of Cindy

1 Clean & Jerk
1 Round of Cindy

Post Wod:
• Midline Stability
Accumulate 3 minutes Hollow Body

Hamstrings & Chest

New Program: M, W, and Fri at 9 AM and 6 PM – Competitor’s Work

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday athletes may choose to do either the CrossFit Roseville ‘CrossFit’ workout of the day or the ‘Competitor’s Work’ workout of the day. There will now be 2 coaches at the 6 PM class to facilitate.

For most people, this will not effect you.  The ‘CrossFit’ workout is the perfect and potent solution to pursuing endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. 3 x week seems to work perfectly for most busy people. We are lucky at our box to have a lot of motivated people who choose to workout 4-5 times a week. For most people – no change is needed.

There are some people in our gym who want more. For those desiring to compete in CrossFit style competitions (or anyone who choosing to maximize their CrossFit strength and conditioning foundation so their chosen sport can reap the benefits) we will now provide a structured higher volume program based on increasing strength, skill, and work capacity.

This is a format we are experimenting with so your flexibility, patience, and feedback while we get all the logistics ironed out is going to be crucial. We are also offering customized training plans as an additional service for those athlete’s with the time and resources to pursue a customized training plan built and monitored by a coach. You may see these athlete’s doing their specific training plans during classes.

The Competitor Hour workout will be on the wodtogether site, the pace will be efficient and swift. It is not a beginner’s program. You should already know what a thruster, split jerk, snatch are as well as the Burgener warm-up before wanting to do this work on Mon/Wed/Fri. (That was a test). Coach Tim will still be doing the 2:45-3:45 PM ‘Competitor Work’ only hour on M/W/F when he is not at the fire station. At 9 AM and 6 PM, both the Competitor’s Work and the CrossFit workout of the day will be run concurrently.

Wondering if it is for you? Talk to a coach about your specific situation and questions. But understand, this is an advanced program with an advanced volume and intensity. You should have several years of CrossFit style training under your belt before adopting this approach. You should be able to complete 90% of the CrossFit Roseville workouts as Rx’d. For example, if you can not do Grace or Isabel or Diane Rx’d, you should spend your extra time getting stronger and working on your goats before trying to follow the competitor program we are building. Your time would be better spent doing strength cycles, developing your skills, working your mobility, and exhibiting virtuosity in the basics.

For many of you, I respect your desire to climb the CrossFit competition mountain, but you must respect that path. Don’t be short sighted enough to think you can start climbing Mt. Everest without getting hurt when you haven’t climbed Mt. Shasta a few times. 🙂

I hope the above all makes sense. ~Justin


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