Myth of the Fat Burning Zone

***Schedule Change: Saturday Jan 12, CrossFit Roseville will be closed. Workouts will be at CrossFit SAC from 8-10 AM. 4755 Auburn Boulevard,  Sacramento, CA 95841***

Workout of the day for Friday 01/11/13:

Round 1: In 7 minutes complete:
400m Run, then AMRAP:
30 Double Unders, 30 sit-ups

Round 2: In 7 minutes complete:
400m run, then AMRAP:
9 Toes-2-bar, 6 Hand Release Push-Up, 3 Box Jump

Round 3: In 7 minutes complete:
400m run, then:
Work up to 1 Rep Max Snatch

Begin round 2 immediately at the end of round 1, and round 3 immediately after round 2.

Myth of the Fat Burning Zone

Myth of the Fat Burning Zone

If you are looking to burn fat, read The Myth of the Fat Burning Zone. “The bottom line is that if  you don’t have all day to work out, you should exercise intensely.. When you work out more intensely, you need more energy and hence you will burn more calories and use more oxygen during the workout.

The myth of the fat-burning zone is linked to the misconceptions that dietary fat makes you fat and that only by burning fat during exercise can you reduce the amount of fat stored in your body… If you do the slow and steady workout, you will burn fewer calories and deplete less of your glycogen stores, and excess carbohydrate in the diet will be stored as fat. How many people say they are walking or jogging lots and can’t seem to lose weight? I have heard it many times. They are simply not working hard enough. You burn fat even while at rest, but the bottom line is that you must burn lots of calories, whether by way of a 40-kilometer march with a 40-pound rucksack or, if you haven’t the time for that, an intense CrossFit workout.

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