More Than Good Looks

Workout of the Day for Tuesday 01/22/13

As many rounds as possible in 14 minutes:
12 Toes to Bar
10 Deadlift 155/105
8 Hang Power Clean 155/105
6 Push Press or Jerk 155/105

This guy also admits to having pec, ab, and calf implants in the extra features of the dvd.


More Than Good Looks
There is more to working out and being fit than just looking good. Do you want to look healthy or do you want to actually be healthy? Most people are initially motivated to exercise by aesthetics and the desire to look better naked. Unfortunately, some of the physiques promised by popular magazines, ‘workout programs’, ‘diets’, ‘supplements’, ‘drugs’, even surgeries are unattainable. The documentary “Bigger, Faster, Stronger” talks about this while looking at the impact of body building and advertising on health and fitness and this natural human desire to look better. The movie talks about action heroes like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger and how those ‘manly’ physiques infiltrated our culture’s definition of what a ‘manly’ physique is. In the case of Rocky, Rambo, Conan, etc., those physiques were created with mass hormone therapy (steroids). For the ladies, just as many models of ‘beauty’ have been held up and the push toward ‘skinny’ as perpetuated through mass media, has driven many woman to unhealthy behaviours.

A better motivation, and CrossFit Roseville’s focus, is your overall health and fitness as determined by your ability to do work in various time domains with various methods. (IWCABTMD = increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains). The health of all your body’s systems and organs is more important, in the long run, than just looking good. We all have natural genetic tendencies, training with CrossFit, because of the variety, functionality, and intensity will help your body gravitate towards its natural expression. Also, with CrossFit’s direction to focus on and train your weaknesses, some of those undesirable natural genetic tendencies can be controlled.

If you haven’t seen the movie “Bigger, Faster, Stronger”, I recommend it. Or if you have already seen it, what did you think?


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