Nutrition Accountability

Workout of the Day for Monday March 10, 2014

50 super-strict push-ups*
Run 5-km

*No perturbance of midline. No movement in hip, knee or head.
3. Use CFJ The Push-up as reference.


Several months ago, a small group of us at the box did an experiment posting a picture of every single thing we ate or drink. Below are some of the quotes after the experiment concluded. – There is power in accountability. You don’t have to do it alone. ~Justin

The photo food group came at a good time for me. It helped me change up my diet.

Once I knew how much protein I needed It was easy to make better choices.

I liked the photos. I feel like it held me accountable as well as gave me ideas of what to eat. I get in a jam with that sometimes.

It works if you stay consistent. Community aspect helped a lot, really made it fun.

the “stick to it for two weeks true” was beyond helpful.

Tracking and being accountable for your food weather it was through this FB experiment, WOD Together, etc… it defiantly keeps you on point towards healthy eating.

A great percentage of what we choose to put in our body only enhances the hard WERK we produce in the BOX!!!

I loved the food experiment!  It made me make better food choices.

I was mostly following the Zone Diet and felt like I was eating more than many people were although I was weighing and measuring my meals.

I thought this was an amazing way to keep me in check.  Letting everyone know what I was eating all day made me more accountable.

I got a lot of new ideas on what to eat (or not to eat) from what everyone was posting.

This was fun…we should do it again…periodically check up on each other J

2 week food experiment was a great way to get me back on track. It gave me accountability for my food intake.

I found that taking pictures of my food is much easier to track than writing it down in a journal or food log. It also veered me away from giving into my husband’s  many “CHEAT DAYS”.

I look forward to keep at it and not give into the “CHEAT” as much.

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