Monday 07/09/12

Workout of the day for Monday 07/09/12:

Clean & Jerk @ 85% 1-1-1
3 sets max pullups, strict

Work Capacity:
21 thruster 50% 1RM
run 400
15 thruster
run 400
9 thruster
run 400
CrossFit Roseville

Post to Comments: Do you like to plank?

Comments 3

  1. Love this picture!!! Vanessa, you are a plank MACHINE! Peyton, you are the cutest little CrossFit kid ever!

  2. A bit late, but no, I hate planks. I hate them more than GG and CF. Yes, I went there. =-p.

    I much prefer a front leaning rest position or a hollow body hold but those are pretty boring. L-sit is ok.

    How about a new test? Stand with X amount of weight on your back for time. Like 1.5xBW or something. Maybe 1xBW.

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