Member Profile: Kathleen Summers

Workout of the day for Thursday November 7th, 2013:

Hang power clean 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

“Test 3”
Tabatta Squat
Max reps of Muscle-ups in 4 minutes


From the Blog of CrossFit Roseville Member Kathleen Summers:

“Last month I decided to participate in a 14-week fitness challenge. I’m just over 6 weeks into it and so far, it’s going really well. I decided that part of how I would reach my fitness goals was joining a CrossFit gym. In short, I love it. I started with 3 days/week and now I’ve worked up to 5 days/week. It’s hard, but it’s a good kind of hard. I know I’ll keep going after the 14 weeks is over. It’s a part of my lifestyle now.

So I’m getting stronger, and feeling better, and sleeping better, and looking better… I feel like I’m coming alive. Life feels good! Each day is exciting!

I already love the summer… the kids are out of school and we can spend more time together . But it’s even sweeter now and I appreciate it more.”

Kathleen is a gifted and published Scrap Booker! Check out her blog for tips on scrap-booking and to encourage her on her fitness goals.

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