Mechanics – Consistency – Intensity

Workout of the Day for Friday October 26, 2012

Fridays are athlete’s choice. Make-up a workout you missed, attack a benchmark with vigor, or customize something for yourself. If you don’t have a “choice”, do today’s wod or ask the coach to suggest something for you.

Three 10 minute Rounds of:
Run 1 mile, Then: AMRAP shoulder press (115/75 lb)
Run 1 mile, Then: AMRAP push press (165/115 lb)
Run 1 mile, Then: AMRAP Jerk (205/135) lb

Which of these pictures is better?

Mechanics - Consistency - Intensity

Mechanics - Consistency - Intensity– A 215 lb clean with perfect form


– A 225 lb power clean with form that looks like a train wreck.

The clean with the solid mechanics is always going to be better. Forget about the number or the time. Focus on range of motion, technique, and quality.

So if you do 95  with crappy form. Do not progress to more weight until you have done 95 with good form. Otherwise, you are training bad habits. 95 with solid form is a higher level of lift and shows greater athleticism and therefore can represent a PR.

The CrossFit prescription of High Intensity, Functional Movements at High Intensity only works when you train within the parameters of 1. Mechanics, then 2. Consistency, then 3. Intensity.

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