Live Purposefully

Workout of the day for Wednesday 02/20/13:

Every Minute, On the Minute, for 10 minutes, perform:
3 Power Snatches & 2 Burpees onto a 25lb plate.

Complete as many rounds as possible in seven minutes of:
7 Deadlift 315/205lb
20 meter Sprint
14 One legged squats
21 Double-unders
20 meter Sprint

Rich Froning Jr. 5 rounds + 1 double-under, Austin Malleolo 5 rounds + 1 double-under, Annie Thorisdottir 5 rounds + 7 squats (205lb deadlift). Post rounds completed to comments.

[youtube] [youtube] [youtube]

Why is it that we, in seemingly every avenue of life, constantly find means of improvement, for besting our previous achievements or the achievements of those who have gone before us? Let’s look at sports specifically. The videos above show analysis of all the olympic medals for the past hundred years in the 100m freestyle, the long jump, and the 100m dash.

Let’s take a look at swimming, “since the 1950’s these olympians have gotten about 1 second faster every eight years.” The video articles suggests that advancements in training, in diet, and to the facilities may account for these constant improvement in performances. I tend to think it has more to do with will; with our unconquerable spirit; with our desire to push the limit.

One of my favorite quotes by Nietzsche , “He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how,” reminds me to live purposefully, to keep my goals in mind and to know that if I want it bad enough I can accomplish just about anything.

Post to comments: State is your goal/purpose in 1 word!

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