January Committed Club

Workout of the Day for Wednesday Feb 12, 2014

Attempt PRs with as much warm-up, ramp-up, and rest between efforts as needed of:

1 Rep Max Deadlift
1,000 meter Row for time
Max Set Pull-ups

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Rich Froning’s 225 pound Isabel – [video]


January Committed Club

If I missed you, let me know! If I put you on the list and you don’t belong, please let me know that too, it matters :-)!

Here are the numbers for January, it only counted if you used WodTogether to sign in for classes.

*** Means 3 months in a row!!***
***Mike Coker
***Stephanie Coker
***Karyn Beaudin
***Janet Freeman
***April Mallery
***Brandy Ruscica
***Jenny Lindstrom
***Jessie Ingram
***Leay Metten
***Lois Nakamoto
***Mandy Garcia
***Marc Hollis
***Miguel Lopez
***Mollie Ronco
***Nathan Timoteo
***Robert Gerodias
***Robyn Drake
***Sabrina Young
Jacob Weaver
Keegan George
Molly Huusfeldt
Sherry Rutledge-Dodds
Steve Costa

***For those with 3 months in a row, we are working on the design of a shirt. Once finalized, you can order one if you want. Stay tuned….

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