Intramural Teams

Workout of the Day for Monday 3/3/2014

Find your 20-rep Backsquat

Complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes of:
5 box jumps, 30/24 in.
3 cleans, 225*/155* lb.
*As heavy as possible with good form.


The teams are set! If you are not on one of these teams it is my fault, contact me asap (email: jesse @ rosevillecrossfit .com)!—Or, you are new and we need to get you on a team. If you were referred by a member you will be automatically placed on their team and your points will go towards their team score.

Also my client, Justin Arnest, is a free agent until Monday at 5PM where he will announce what team he has chosen. Please contact your team captain with all forms of briber… err.. incentive you may wish to give in order to sway his decision.

Example: Daily Starbucks Delivery.

Why Justin?
• Justin Arnest is always in the top 3 males for each open wod, accruing 3 extra points for your team each week.
• Justin Arnest has keys to the gym and can organize special happenings.
• Justin Arnest is an influencer and can get your team to the next level.

Justin’s Likes:
Coffee (starbucks)
Perfect Foods Bars
Green Drinks From Whole Foods
Burgers & Shakes from Smash Burger
Long Walks on the Beach

Captain: Jessie Ingram, Team: SnatchMasters!
Miguel lopez
Amy Breitbart
Karyn Beaudin
Allison Ha-chew
Leay Metten
Jenn linstrom
Joey Washburn
Jacob W.
Sami Kopinger
Sara Cornwell
Jeff Rizzo
Jude Chabot
Andrey Obutkov
Kevin geoghegan
Jamie Carpenter
Brandon Schette
Timothy McGahan
Verlie Larson
Robyn Drake
Nils Axelson
Alison Jerome
Hannah Terwilliger
Dan Pearson
Joselyn pagan
Erika Santiago
Randy arnest
Richard Stack
Lisa Pinola
Ramon Padilla
James Knight
Donna Huusfeldt
Lori Burke
Jennifer bower

Captain Heath Sherratt, Team: (Undecided)
Goeff Dinger
Dan Panella
Heidi Panella
Stan Long
Bret Saubert
Tim Kadrie
Daniel Wagner
Jeremy Bower
Swett Bill Williams
Wayne Nakamoto
Brian Staniszewski
Jacob Knepper
David McManus
Mike Coker
Stephanie Coker
Steven C
Jason Sheldon
Jeremy Bunting
Marc Dunn
Nathan Weddle
Nate Timoteo
Vince Knight
Alec Monterrojas
Roman Amundson
Ashley Albano
Riza Gerodias
Brandy Ruscica
Amber Kadrie
Molly Huusfeldt
Beckie Taylor
Patti Henley
Erika Costa
Minnelli Reyes
Sylvia Arizaga
Mandy Garcia
Christina O’shea
Kimberli Hyzdu

Captain Kate Rebello, Team: Wod Warriors!
Keegan George
Clayton Minier
Curtis Morte
Steven Terwilleger
Mark Willis
Antonio Agosto
Marc Hollis
John Foley
Robert Gerodias
Bryan Lavin-Parmentar
Kevin Massey
Tom Ruscica
Rob Brignone
Matt Woods
Taylor Washburn
Sabrina Young
Janet Freeman
April Mallery
Ashley Fajardo
Olivia Fernandez
Bethany Huutsfeldt
Sarah Telson
Kathleen Summers
Amanda Canchola
Mary Stack
Lois Nakamoto
Amber Splawn
Stacey Briw
Angela Knight
Sheri Rutledge-Dodds
Jenny Bunting
Caitlin Knowlton
Kami Passavanti
Jennifer Benavidez
Mollie Ronco
Diana Gonsalves
Trudy Mitchell

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