Interested in an onramp for Couples?

Workout of the day for Tuesday, 07/31/12:

Muscle Snatch with bar
2 Position Snatch (floor, hang) 65% x5

Work Capacity:
AMRAP in 15 Minutes:
9 Deadlifts 155/100
12 Push-ups (Games Standard)
15 Box Jumps 24/20″

We have had some interest in an onramp for couples! If you know of a couple interested in starting CrossFit or if you are looking for an excuse to get your spouse in the gym, let me know if you would like to start a month of Couples onramp.

Modern science tells us that couples who CrossFit together stay together longer, their kids are more productive in school, and they become addicted to eating healthy food (bacon) and workout clothing. Its science.

Possible Time slot: Monday & Wednesday Night 6:30-7:30 starting Wednesday, August 15th. Couples will also be invited to the Saturday morning 9am class. (*if a different time slot works better let me know, Tues/Thurs night?).

Post to comments: if you are interested post your name and contact number. otherwise contact me directly: 9163901919, jesse [@]

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  1. A couples onramp is a great idea! We’ve got some great CrossFit couples at our gym! I think CrossFit makes your marriage even better! (=

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