If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you

It’s Time for a nutrition Challenge! Summer is coming and we are only a few months away from the CrossFit Games in Carson, CA. Headed towards the CrossFit Games competition we will be running a $25 buy-in nutrition challenge, with prizes for multiple categories!

Prizes will be awarded for:
Max Body Fat Loss
Max lean Muscle Mass Gain
Improvement in a specified workout
Max Consecutive Hollow Body Hold
Overall Body Composition Change

The challenge begins with the body composition test next Thursday, April 17th 2-7PM. Sign up for your time slot on the white board starting friday afternoon. Sign up for the nutrition challenge on the white board as well.

We will re-test our Body Composition in approximately 2-3 months (tbd) and we will also re-test the specified workout and your max consecutive hollow body hold.

If you have been looking for a reason to step up your nutrition, pair up with an accountability partner and sign up for the body fat test next Thursday. If you cannot make this date/times we will get you details on where to go.

Sheets will be provided for those of you who choose to get an accountability partner (this is not required). Building healthy habits together will help to make them a part of your lifestyle. Use this challenge to learn about what your body needs to perform optimally, to look and feel healthy. Remember: form follows function. Eat what is good for you, perform functional movement at high intensity, and you will look and feel good.

Nutritional talks and Paleo Potlucks will be scheduled along the way for those of you participating in this challenge!


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