How You Move

Workout of the Day for Tuesday April 23, 2013

Complete 5 rounds for time:
12 Deadlift, 225/155 pounds
12 Handstand Push-up
Run 260 meters
Rest 1 minute between rounds



How you move

~Justin Arnest

Did you ever think about how you move in a workout as an art?

If dance is an art, why can’t exercise be an art?

Dance is creative expression through physical movement and undoubtedly an art.

Like dance, or martial arts, how you move while your exercise can be an artistic expression. Some of the worlds best dancers are amazing to watch. They move so gracefully, powerfully, and explosively.

I don’t know a lot about dance rules, but they have them at competitions. You can still be creative and expressive within the confines of the rules. Seems similar to a wod; there are movement rules, range of motion requirements, and rep schemes. But how you move within the confines of those parameters can be a graceful, efficient, and creative expression  – an art form.

Fast, strong, fluid, smooth, balanced, coordinated, flexible, agile, explosive, efficient, graceful, energetic, purposeful, aware, succeeding. These are some of the beautiful elements of human movement.

Post Note: Ever seen a dancer that is smiling while they dance? For example, a ballerina that is smiling while executing amazingly technical and difficult maneuvers. They are working so hard, breathing heavy, muscles pumping, yet smiling. Would you enjoy watching a dancer making a ‘pain face’ while they moved? Probably not. Annie Thorisdottir, two-time back to back winner of the 2011 and 2012 CrossFit Games, is well-known for smiling while she workouts.

Action point: learn to relax your face even during the uncomfortable parts of your wod.

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