How to live to be 100+

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Workout of the Day for Thursday Dec 26, 2013

Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
21 Deadlift, 185/115 pound

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In Dan Buettner’s Ted Talk asking How do we live longer & better Lives he finds that habits of movement every day, healthy eating, community, sense of purpose, and taking time to decompress and appreciate are all factors that lead towards longevity and enjoying life.

The communities Dan examine include one on the island of Sardinia “where 102 year olds still ride their bike to work”, another on the archipelago of Okinawa with 100 year olds who teach karate and are fisherman, another in Loma Linda California with a 97 year old still performing 20 Open Heart Surgeries every month.

These extraordinary, and extraordinarily old, people were born into or surrounded themselves with the right people. They developed healthy habits that involve: Community, nutrition, movement every day, purpose for living, and taking time to decompress and appreciate.

The more we can develop healthy habits and surround ourselves with likeminded people who will aid us in developing healthy habits the easier it will be for us to continually be successful in achieving our goals.

“Your friends are long-term adventures, and therefore, perhaps the most significant thing you can do to add more years to your life, and life to your years.”

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