Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Workout of the Day for Thursday 11/18/13

Complete A, B, and C in any order as a team of 2:
A. Run 460 meters, 200 Wallballs 20/14 pound ball
B. Run 460 meters, 100 Burpees
C. Run 460 meters, 20/14 Rope Climbs


Work on Your Gratitude – Justin
The more grateful of your life’s blessings you can learn to be, the happier you will be. If you want to be happy and optimistic, then try to practice gratitude on a daily basis. Studies repeatedly show this works. Gratefulness can keep things in perspective, keep you content, and rub off on other people.

There is a flip side however, ungratefulness leads to depression, negativity, can make problems seem unconquerable, make you frustrated, and also drags those around you down.

Gratefulness vs. Ungratefulness – the choice is yours. You reap what you sow.

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