Gymnastics Specialty Program

6-Week Program designed to improve your skills and progress you towards greater mastery of bodyweight movements.

This course will start at the beginner’s level and meet each athlete where s/he is at. Progressions and scaled exercises will help athletes to correctly and safely develop their abilities.

Lauren Rope Climb CFRV

Principles of Upper Body Pulling

This course will focus on a number of upper body pulling gymnastic movements such as:
Butterfly Kip
Ring Rows, Pull-Ups, Chest-2-Bar
Bar Muscle-Up
Rope Climbs
& More!

The next course starts Tuesday, September 5th, and runs for six weeks.
• This class will meet from 5:30-6:30 PM on Tuesdays.
• Pre-Requisite: Must be able to hang from a bar for 30 seconds, and have 1 strict pull-up.

Class limited to 12 people.

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