GSP (George St Pierre) Training Clips

Workout of the Day for Tuesday Feb 5 , 2010

Olympic Lifting
10 minutes to work up to a heavy Overhead Squat

5 rounds for reps:
Shoulder Press, (0.75/0.5 bodyweight)

George st Pierre is the UFC Welterweight Champion. Here is a video clip of how he has been training. What you see is a varied mix of; muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, wall walks, gymnastics, cartwheels, L-sits, olympic weightlifting, back squats, jumps,bench press, weighted pull-ups, etc.  This is how athletes train. This is how we train at CrossFit Roseville.

You are an athlete. The sport is life. Train to not suck at life.


Keep track of your  points until we get the points board set-up for the February Refine Your Metal challenge.

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  1. If a useless comment is as useful as the next then i feel obligated to point out that GSP’s olympic lift coach looks like he is about 300lbs and probably hasn’t done any type of physical endurance in the past 10 years…just an observation.

  2. tried to do his wall facing handstand holds today…not bad…just the getting up and getting down thats the tough part! awk! but count that minute to the ladies handstand hold total!

  3. I think this should be the new T-shirt slogan for CFRV – “You are an athlete. The sport is life. Train to not suck at life.”

  4. The inability to overhead squat is very rarely tied to weak legs. Plenty of 400* back squatters get smoked with the ohs, why? Because they’re a dysfunctional stream, something upstream( shoulders, core stability, tightness in the upper or middle back) or down stream (overly tight, locked up hips, quads, knees and ankles )clear the blocks in the stream and let your overhead squat flow like a raging river.

  5. Ok so I commited to Crossfit and went back tonight to the fundamental class. I decided after the class I was going to do the Feb. challenge and in March to do the Open! How I will do who knows but I will do the best I can do with it all and it will be Fabulous!

      1. Jim

        Thank you!! It was great talking with you too.
        I am looking forward to my next WOD although
        I am feeling sore i am going to go again tomorrow &
        Thursday!! You did fabulous tonight too see you at crissfit this week!!!

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