Living Social Athletes Welcome

Living Social Athletes Welcome

Why did I call you an athlete? Because you are one. Regardless of your current physical fitness level, it’s time you started thinking of yourself as an athlete. At CrossFit Roseville, you will be treated like an athlete. Show up on time, with your water bottle, ready to work, and ready to be coached. Come with an open mind and give CrossFit Roseville a try for 1 month. You will be glad you did!

CrossFit is an amazing program and we are glad you have decided to try it with CrossFit Roseville. You will be working out with some amazingly fit people, but just remember they did not start like that. They started just like you. Watch what happens to you, one workout a time. It starts with you taking the first step and showing up. Don’t be intimidated by the workouts posted on this website, you will be given a challenging workout but one that is appropriate for your fitness level. (It may be completely different then the workout shown on the website.)

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Workout of the Day for Wednesday Nov 28, 2012

“Bear complex” ladder.

Every Minute on the Minute for 20 Minutes:

Do 1 squat clean to thruster then 1 back squat to thruster.

Increase the weight by 10 lbs every other round. If unable to increase weight, stay at max load until 20 minutes is complete.

Men start at 95#, and women at 65#.

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